Why choose a solid tiled conservatory roof?

Covering the whole of the South East, Pro Build are specialist conservatory builders, highly experienced in installing solid tiled conservatory roofs on to both new and existing conservatories.

Due to building regulations, a conservatory that was built before 2010 had to have 75 percent of its roof constructed from ‘glazed materials’ such as glass. However, glass is often not the ideal choice for a conservatory roof, as many people have discovered, and so since the regulations changed to allow the use of solid tiled roofs on conservatories, many people throughout the South East have already chosen Pro Build to replace their glass roof with a tiled roof.

Possibly the biggest advantage of a solid conservatory roof over a glass one is temperature control. It should not be underestimated just how hot a conservatory with a glass roof can get in the summer time – many people report temperatures in the 40 degrees Celsius range, not only during the hottest summer months, but even as early as spring. Understandably, this will make a conservatory unbearable to most people, ultimately making the room un-useable during much of the year. This will be magnified even more if it is south-facing – turning your conservatory into a very expensive greenhouse where only the tomatoes feel happy. Then, once the summer starts to cool off, you may get a few comfortable months until the winter hits – and with glass conservatory roof designs lacking in insulation, your conservatory will now transform into a freezing icebox that is likely to feel just as cold as the garden outside. Your only choice being shut the door to the conservatory and not use the space you have paid for, or waste a lot of money trying to constantly heat it up.

Luckily, Pro Build recommend a simple, cost-effective solution to this common problem, which is to install a tiled conservatory roof instead. Due to the added layers of insulation in a solid roof structure, this option will allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. In winter you will also benefit from a significant reduction in your heating bills. The improved thermal insulation of a solid conservatory roof will also help in reducing any leaking, mould and condensation, which are also common issues found with a glass roof. Pro Build are leading experts in helping their customers improve the usability of their conservatories by maintaining a steady temperature all year round with their tiled conservatory roof building service, and have helped many happy customers based all over the East and West Sussex region, including Eastbourne and Brighton.

A solid conservatory roof doesn’t have to lose out on light either, so if this is something that is important to you and you think a tiled roof may reduce the light into your home, just ask Pro Build about their skylight options. Adding skylights to your roof will give the light that you would expect from a conservatory, whilst maintaining temperature control, and reducing the need for lots of fussy blinds all over the roof.

Another reason to consider a tiled conservatory roof over a glass one may not become apparent until the first time it rains – or hails – and you realise just how loud this can sound on a glass roof, which might prove annoying during activities such as reading, watching tv, trying to hold a conversation or even sleep. A tiled conservatory roof will certainly improve acoustics and create a much more quiet and calming living space than a glass one. A particularly important consideration in a country such as Britain where it rains – a lot. In addition to this, tiled conservatory roofs are extremely hard wearing, providing excellent resistance to rain, hail, wind and discolouration from UV rays, making them a very sound economical choice of roof.

Pro Build offer a full range of tiled conservatory roof styles and colours so that your new conservatory roof will aesthetically enhance and complement the look of your home, and your conservatory will look more like an extension of your existing property. Throughout areas such as Pevensey, Polegate, Hailsham and Heathfield, you can find examples of solid conservatory roofs built by Pro Build, and customers who recommend their exceptional working standards.

If you are looking to have a new conservatory built with a solid roof or want to replace an existing glass roof with a tiled conservatory roof because you are not getting enough out of your room, then contact Pro Build today. Covering areas throughout the South East, including Hastings, Bexhill-on-Sea, Stone Cross and further afield, Pro Build can install a solid roof on to an existing conservatory with minimal disruption as long as the existing base is structurally sound enough to take the heavier weight of an insulated solid roof, and you will finally be able to get on with using your conservatory the way it was always intended.

Contact Pro Build Home Improvements today to discuss further how we can transform your conservatory with a new solid tiled roof.

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