Garage conversion ideas

If you are thinking about getting a garage conversion project underway, you may need a few ideas on how best to use the space. For example, you may be wondering whether you should convert the whole of a garage or a partial area and you may also need a few room ideas. If done correctly, a garage conversion can be a practical and affordable way to create additional living space. In recent years, as more people are choosing to extend their current homes rather than moving, it can be a great space solution.

An average, a standard-sized single garage is approximately 150 sq ft. As cars have grown in size in recent years, you would now struggle to fit most family cars into a standard garage and still allow room to open the doors. For this reason, it can make sense to convert a garage and make it an integral part of your house.


What is the purpose of the garage conversion?
You may already have an exact purpose in mind for your garage conversion, however, here are a few additional suggestions:

  • Bedroom (with or without en-suite)
  • Bathroom
  • Living room/lounge
  • Dining area
  • Children’s playroom
  • Utility room
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Small home cinema/games room
  • Family room
  • Music room
  • Guest room
  • Granny annexe
  • Partial conversion

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The options really are endless – a converted garage can be used for just about any purpose, as long as the required work is completed. For example, if you are planning to convert your garage into a spare bedroom, the room will need to have good insulation, access to electricity and ideally it will need to be sound-proofed. Generally speaking, at least one window will also be required.

In particular, the creation of an additional lounge is a very popular choice for a converted garage. This may seem like a strange concept – after all, why would anyone need a second lounge? However, if you have older children, you will fully understand how practical this option could be! By having two lounges, you can relax after work and let the kids ‘take over’ the second lounge – no more annoying Xbox bleeps or loud music disturbing your peace. Parents with younger children could use the space as a playroom until their children get older.

Home working is also becoming more common-place in recent times. Given the option, the majority of people would prefer to work from a home office in a bid to save on commuting times and costs. A converted garage can easily be turned into an office – with the insulation and electrics required to power PCs, fax machines and other office equipment.

Partial or full garage conversion?
A question that arises time and time again with garage conversions is, ‘should I convert the whole of my garage, or just part of it?’ The answer will largely depend on your individual preferences and requirements, and the type of garage you have. Many people will choose a ‘part’ or ‘partial’ conversion – typically this involves the front part of the garage being converted while keeping an area at the back for general storage, i.e. lawnmowers and bicycles.

Partial garage conversions can be a practical solution for those who need extra space, but also want to retain part of the old garage. Of course, this option is only really available if you have a standard-sized garage or larger. If you primarily need additional living space, such as a playroom or a spare bedroom, a full conversion may be the best option.

Generally speaking, a partial conversion will cost slightly less – but don’t expect the costs to be reduced significantly. Certainly, less materials may be required for a partial conversion, such as insulation and flooring, however, if you require a power source, electrical points will need installing whatever the size of your garage. To avoid additional costs further down the line, always ensure that you think carefully about your requirements when you are creating a budget plan.


So, the options for a garage conversion are plentiful. However, even if you have an exact reason in mind for converting the space i.e. to create a home office, always take the time to plan your project carefully before you commence with any building work. You may find that an area can be used for a number of purposes, with just a few small additions, such as extra power points.

Garage conversions don’t have to be stressful – with a few hints and tips you can easily plan a conversion project and see it through to the completion phase. On our other pages, we cover the different aspects of converting a garage i.e. building regulations and planning permission requirements.

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