Create Extra Space at Home

There are many reasons why you may be looking at ways to increase space in your existing home. Established and trusted building company, Pro Build, are here to help guide you through your options so that you get exactly what you want and need.

Garage conversion

Garages can be the ideal choice when looking to provide an additional living area. If you have a growing family, or you simply need extra room, a garage conversion can be a very cost-effective and practical solution.

One such example that garage conversions are a great choice for is creating a home gym, as they will be utilising space which is quite often just being used to store junk. And because garages are on the ground level, they are ideal for heavy gym equipment, so there’s no need to reinforce or soundproof the floor. They also already have strong walls, which are good for attaching gym equipment to. Quite often, garage conversions will be located far from other family members’ bedrooms, so early morning work outs won’t disturb anyone else who is still getting their beauty sleep.

Home gyms are a great option to have in a garage conversion because you will be more motivated to exercise as it will be so easy to access. You won’t need to pay high gym fees, won’t have any travel costs or travel time, and you won’t have to work out around opening time restrictions or queue to use equipment. You can also select gym equipment items that are multi-functional for maximum usage of your home gym space. Pro Build, based in the South East, have many years’ experience in garage conversions, of which many case studies can be found on our website.

Garden Room

A garden room option will provide an additional year-round useable space, and can be cheaper than adding an extension to your home. The style and size choices are extensive, and garden rooms can be used for a number of reasons such as alfresco dining, hot tub and sauna room, additional family space and home office.

A garden room is a particularly good option to choose as a home office, and because they can be insulated and have a power supply, you won’t even realise it is a room outside of the main house. In many cases, a garden room office can be built under ‘permitted development’ building regulations, removing the need for more complex planning permissions.

Working from home in your garden room office you will be able to keep work and family life separate, and allow for professional meetings if clients need to visit you. The garden room office would be situated away from the main house, providing a much-needed quiet space, and there is also the added benefit of increasing the value of your home.

Conservatory extensions and new conservatory roofs

With the cost of moving ever rising, it makes sense to add space or utilise existing space to the homes we already own and love, that are full of memories. That is why conservatories are such a great choice. You may want to add a brand new conservatory to extend your home. Alternatively, you may wish you upgrade your existing conservatory roof from glass to solid tiled, so that you get more usage from your conservatory during the cold winter months and the hot summers. Which ever option you choose, you will be gaining precious extra space that can be used for a range of purposes, such as a playroom for younger children, a games room for a growing family, or extra space for your own hobbies, crafting or quiet reading surrounded by the sights and sounds of your own garden… whatever the weather.

As we are all now well aware, any extra space will also prove invaluable during a lockdown situation, where your home becomes your office, gym, school and sanctuary. Contact Pro Build for a free, no obligation quote. We are a reputable, family owned business, with extensive experience and testimonials, and we’re waiting to discuss your options with you.

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